1x Soft Box 60cm x 80cm  to fit Arrilite 800W, Arrilite 1000W & Arri 1000W Frensel


2x Avenger 4mm Square Tube Butterfly Frames which can be assembled to different sizes including 20'x20', 12'x12', 8'x8' and 6'x6' and hold silks, blackout, greenscreen etc.


1x 12'x12' Butterfly Overhead Fabric - White Artificial Silk

1x 8'x8' Butterfly Overhead Fabric - White Artificial Silk

1x 6'x6' Butterfly Overhead Fabric - White Artificial Silk


1x 4’x4’ frame on which you can place different grades of diffusion and/or colour gel or use the frame to create a gobo


Bounce / Reflector

4x 8’x4’ – 2 inch black/white polystyrene (poly boards) for excellent lightweight large area light control
Many smaller 1 inch black/white polystyrene pieces


1x Round white/gold reflector


Light Tent

1.5m Light Cube - excellent for shooting reflective products as camera and lamps cannot be seen in the reflection


Flags / Nets / Scrim

2x "Topper" 92cm x 30cm (36"x12") Black Flag

4x Medium 92xm x 61cm (36"'x24") Black Flag

1x Small 61cm x 46cm (24"x18") Black Flag
 -  flag frames can be used to make gobos


1x Medium 92xm x 61cm (36"x24") Net/Scrim Frame

1x Small 46cm x 30cm (12"x18")  Net/Scrim Frame

Lamp scrims are listed here


1x Dots and Fingers Kit with various circular dot and narrow rectangular finger pieces


6x Hanging flags (2.75m x 0.3m) for hanging from grid

4x Black drape  – 6m wide x 3m drop

4x Black drape  – 3m wide x 3m drop


Colour, Spill and Intensity Control

Gels – ND, colour-correcting, greenscreen, colour (party gels)

Soft Box Gels – cut to size with velcro for attaching to photo and video soft boxes (60x80cm)

Gel Filter Set for photography flashes

Diffuser – different grades

Black wrap – control light, make gobos, protect surfaces from heat


Light Control Support

4x Large Poly Holders (all thicknesses) fits grip head

1x Small 2" Poly Holder fits grip head

1x Round Reflector holder fits baby spigot


Photography Specific Light Control (to fit Bowens flash strobes)

2x Umbrellas - large 115cm (bounce or shoot through)

2x Umbrellas - medium 90cm (bounce or shoot through)


1x Octagonal Soft Box - large 180cm radius

1x Soft Box - large 100x100cm

3x Soft Boxes - medium  60x80cm (1 with egg crate)


4x 120° Wide-Angle Umbrella Reflector

2x 60° reflector

1x "Backlite" reflector (for graduated background)

3x Snoot

2x Barn Doors

1x Filter Set