Stands / Rigs

Ceiling pipe grid with moveable pipes, anchor points in concrete ceiling for hanging lamps and to suspend objects


Pantographs for height adjustable suspended lamps and monitors

10x Spring-Counterbalanced Pantograph for heavier weight lamps

4x Black Steel-Cable-Secured Pantograph for lighter weight lamps



2x Boom Arm of variable length with counterweights can be made from below equip with Pivoting Boom Clamp  holding a choice of steel c-stand shaft lengths. Will hold lamps or mics.


14x C-Stand consisting of;

2x Large black C-Stand - steel with sliding "lazy" leg 
2x Medium black C-Stand - lightweight
6x black C-Stand base - steel
10x black C-Stand shaft - steel (4x long, 4x medium, 2x short)

4x wheeled "Roller" Stand Base for C-Stand shaft - excellent for rolling large frames for overheads/butterflies


7x 28mm (1 1/8") "Junior" to 16mm (5/8") "Baby" adapters  to make low level stands from C-Stand bases or Rolling bases..

1x Ground Level Stand


1x Set of wheels for Combo stands - usually used for a rolling floor monitor


13x Combo stands - lightweight for lamps

7x 3-stage upto 3.1m height

3x 2-stage upto 2.5m height

2x small footprint 3-stage upto 2.3m height

1x 3-stage stronger stand


3x Autopoles (Polecats)

2x Extension Tube 2m  for Autopole (also used rigging ceiling)

10x Extension Tube 1.5m  for Autopole (also used rigging ceiling)


Small Grip Bits

Crocodile clamps for gels etc.

Wooden clothes pegs

Wedges for Super Clamps



31+ Manfrotto “Super” clamp with wedges for clamping to round and rectangular objects with baby sockets

6x Sky hookgaffer grip with 16mm (5/8") spigots

5x Scissor clamp with 16mm (5/8") "Baby" spigot for attaching lamps etc. to dropped office ceiling grids

1x Girder clamp with M10 thread

10+ Pipe clamp with M10 thread and rotation option

8x Stage "C" pipe clamp with 16mm (5/8") "Baby" spigot


2x Pivoting Boom Clamp


15+ Plastic clamps for hanging fabric backgrounds etc.


Grip Heads and Arms

4x Grip arm

12x Grip head

1x Baby spigot socket with Grip Head and Swivel pin spigot for end of boom arm and more uses

2x Baby socket / Junior spigot to Swivel Baby spigot for end of boom arm and rotating studio flourescents and more


Clamp attachments

2x Flex-arm

3x "Magic" Variable Friction Arm


General Grip Gear

Projector table  for tripod / grip stands


Equipment trolly


14x Sand bags  inc.  boom counterweight sand bags


Super Clamp adapters to baby pins


Spigot (pin) adapters

16mm (5/8") "Baby" Spigot with 3/8" and 1/4" screw threads

7x 28mm (1 1/8") "Junior" t o 3/8" "Baby" adapteras above for c-stand base. Can also be used in Super Clamps, Pantographs etc.

4x 16mm (5/8") spigot socket to 3/8" thread screw adapter to use mics mounted on grip gear

1x Spatula Baby Spigot - wedges into gaps

1x Baby Drop Down Pin for end of boom arms

1x Baby pin to woodscrew thread for screwing spigot into wood etc.

5x Baby pin to M10 screw thread with wingnut

1x Baby pin for Grip Head


Fan / Smoke Machine

Powerful hand operated  blower fan  – gives a concentrated wind burst for small areas 

Regular office fan - for hot shoots or to cool down talent under lamps

Smoke machine


Other Studio Bits

Various bric a brac ...bits of old sets  etc. which may be constructed into something new


A variety of ladders

Safety floor mats for covering cables

And of course fire extinguishers in multiple locations