Manfrotto heavy duty video tripod with low height option spreader

Manfrotto tripod dolly

Miller Pro-Jib arm

Microdolly Camera Track

Mechanic's trolly for low camera-angle shots


Camera Maintenance / Line-up

Back focus line-up chart

18% Grey Exposure Cards


Floor Monitors

LCD 17" widescreen - for composition only

CRT 20" Grade 2 widescreen switchable - for client viewing, picture evaluation


Power / Other

Camera tapes - various

Digislate timecode clapper board

12v DC 4pin XLR camera power supply


Lenses and Accessories

Wide Angle lens - Fujinon A8.5x5.5mm B4 mount for 2/3" chip camera (HD-Cam, DigiBeta, DSR-570 DVCam etc.)

Regular Zoom lens - Nikon B4 mount or 2/3" chip camera


Arri MB19 Studio Matte Box

French Flag to prevent lens flare/improve contrast


Lee Matte Box with Bellows for Digital SLRs


"Go! Prompter" - small clipboard which attaches to camera hot-shoe - used for holding prompting notes for the presenter


Camera Filters - Glass

Tiffen 5.65"x4" ND .6 Soft Grad

Tiffen 5.65"x4" ND .3 Soft Grad

Tiffen 5.65"x4" Black ProMist 1/2 - warm

Tiffen 4"x4" Black ProMist 1/8

Tiffen 4"x4" Polariser