Fabric Drape

4x Heavy Black drape  – 6m wide x 3m drop

2x Heavy Black drape  – 3m wide x 3m drop

2x Light Black drape  – 3m wide x 3m drop
1x Mottled grey muslin drape – 3m x 3.5m

1x Mottled orange/brown muslin drape – 3m x 3.5m

1x Mottled cyan/blue muslin drape – 3m x 7m


Paper Rolls (can make min cycs / coves)
White paper – 2.74m (9’) wide 
Grey paper – 2.74m (9’) wide 
Black paper – 1.1m (4.5') wide 

White paper – 1.1m (4.5') wide


Shimmer curtain - ribbons of refllective silver look great when lit and used soft focus as a background

Greenscreen  for chromakey 2.8m x 14m (spandex type material)

Bluescreen for chromakey 3.35m x 7.3m (11' x 24')


White Cyc (paintable) – 6.05m (20') wide with gentle 1m radius curve

Light grey mottled studio walls can also be used



Greenscreen painted MDF can be flipped over for bluescreen painted MDF


Click here for studio floorplan


Mannequins (perfect for testing lighting setups)

2x female mannequin

1x male mannequin



Height Adjusters

Various thickness of wood planks, phone books and other little steps for altering the height of props or people for group shots or perhaps to raise a leg for a better pose.

Small 2 step ladder

Larger A-frame ladder


4x "Easy Step" White/Grey - 21cm high for quickly raising the camera operator or can be used as a mini or kids stool


Apple Boxes (movie industry term for height adjusters of specific size)

4x Full Apple Box

2x 1/2 Apple Box

2x 1/4 Apple Box

1x Pancake Apple Box


What is an apple box?



4x high stools

6x low stools

Various office chairs



Sound Absorbing Materials (sound ops may find these useful)

Black drape

Selection of rugs for floor

Ceiling tiles