We're always looking at ways to improve our service ...and providing extra in-house gear as we grow is part of that. We prioritise stuff that will make the most difference to the greatest number of clients.


Think something would be useful for you if we had it? ... let us know and we'll give it strong consideration. We value your feedback.



Now that we have a well equipped tungsten and fluorescent selection of lamps we'll be looking at getting Dedolights to further extend your lighting options. Better dimmer control of lighting from the floor will be useful for TV productions.


Install a studio lighting grid rail with pantographs to give you easily repositionable light sources with more clear floorspace.


Also on the wish list:

More blackout cloth for full studio blackout - DONE

Pipe grid - DONE

LED lighting - we've purchased some and we really like them.

Dedolights - double lensed lamps for incredible precision lighting.

More lightweight KinoFlo-type fluorescent lamps - DONE

More scrims for increased light control options.

More useful bits for rigging product photography.

More c-stands - DONE

More "Pulsar" remote triggering for studio flashes.

Battery pack for studio flash strobe heads so you can take them to outside locations.

Heavy duty windup stands - not so needed now with pipe grid installed

More roller stands - they are very convenient. - DONE

More gels - just for the hell of it...