deStudio is ideal for building small sets for photography, ads, drama, documentary interviews and studio discussion shows.

We've included some examples below. Please ask us about different possibilities as we've probably had a request similar to yours before and can make suggestions to you.

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Lord Of Love Set Photo  

We needed a set which looked like a pastiche of 1960/70s chat shows on American television.


Peter Foott directed the video inserts for this theatre production. Ian Murphy designed the set.


Since the video inserts were to be in black and white - we only had to concern ourselves how colours looked in greyscale. Ian suggested using the greenscreen as a background to save money and it could be lit to achieve the correct amount of grey.


This is a set for "Chairs" - a musical by Igloo Productions. It spoofs TV studio discussion-type shows as the guests play musical chairs.


The lamps were suspended lower than normal and a lino floor was put down. The set was surrounded by black drape.


The ceiling is now higher than in these photos and a pipe grid has been installed which can suspend anything.


Now set building is even easier!

  Chair Musical Shoot


Operation Transformation Set  

Operation Transformation needed a judges panel, and a pier area for the contestants to step out to for their reveal.


Complete white was the theme so soft lighting was used everywhere.


This set was built because we only had one shooting day on location in an open plan office. We shot all the wide shots on the location day and then moved part of the location to the studio.


We had so make sure every prop was in the same place. The greenscreen (behind the camera angle you see) was used to insert backgrounds of the office which we had collected on the location day.


The white cyc at back and frame (at right with tape crisscrossed to looklike window elements) were shot out of focus in the background to simulate a bright sunny day outside.

  TrainedIn studio set


Meteor Social Media Shoot  

This is a wooden flat erected with supports at the rear. It's a Meteor Ad spoofing social media and weather forecasts made by Blinder.


The duvets above and carpet below help with sound deadening to achieve an excellent audio acoustic.


This was a shoot for a TV3 Ident Sting. A forced perspective set was built which only needed a partial ceiling towards the back.


This shoot was done before we had installed as much ceiling rigging as we have now.


Sometimes the sound recordists like to put the ceiling tiles back in as they help dampen the sound.

  TV3 Ident Shoot


Bulmers Ad made by The Courtyard  

A small set was built for this Bulmers Ad made by The Courtyard.


It involved a long tracking shot into the actor. You can see a large "butterfly" diffusing panel in the background.


A number of different sets were built for this two day shoot including an outdoor setup beside the trees in our grounds.


There is plenty of space for clients to watch shooting images on floor monitors and relax on our couches.