deStudio is ideal for making products look great with plenty of space for product wrangling, clients and complicated lighting setups. Our location is ideal for all those last minute things which may need to be purchased, or round trips to your office during the micro-detailed work of motion picture and photography product shoots.

From small area motion control shoots of Rice Krispie Bars to the broad arrangement of Tesco's Christmas Campaigns deStudio has been a perfect venue.

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This was a set built for Tesco's Christmas Campaign. It featured tracking shots across the huge range of Tesco products.


A large crew was DoP'd by Seamus Corcoran, the products were shot with 35mm film and a lot of space was used for storing products in the green room beside the studio floor.


A support structure was built to rig the lamps above the set. If this was shot now the new ceiling pipe grid would probably be used to rig instead.


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Product Shoot in deStudio
Tesco Product Shoot


Irish Times  

This was a shoot for The Irish Times. Seamus Deasy is setting up a shot which will look like a shaft of bright sunlight is illuminating the newspaper.


The curved backdrop is made with sheet metal.


This is a Kellogg's Rice Krispies Bar shoot which will have a lot of computer effects added.

Michael O'Donovan DoP's while Nico Vermuelen operates his motion control rostrum table.


We have an array of different lamps some of which are very useful for product lighting.

  Photo of Rice Crispies product shoot


Maxwell House Velvet Shoot  

The coffee has to be topped up regularly by the food wrangler to make sure it looks great in this Maxwell House ad.


A miniature theatre set was made to suit the size of the coffee jar and cups.


The whole studio was need for pizza preparation and cooking when shooting this Dominos Pizza sponsorship of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.


You can see the fridges and cookers, ingredients and pizzas at various levels of finish in the foreground while the food product is shot in the background.





In the closeup shot you can see how a slider rig was used to move the camera forward while the cheese falls through the air. One of those lovely slow motion shots of food dropping onto a pizza. Yum!

Dominos Product Shoot
Dominos Product Shoot Closeup