While deStudio may be small for TV and film sets ...it's plenty large for photography purposes!


The cyc (cove) and greenscreen can comfortably fit large group shots of people with plenty of workspace to spare.


Strobe flash heads, tungsten and HMI lighting; along with a huge amount of grip gear ...make deStudio a great place for photography.


Permanent white cyc, green screen and paper or cloth backdrops give you many set options without having to organise anything extra. Product photography is a speciality with a vast array of grip and lighting options for detailed small setups.



Makeup and hair stylists can operate from the large-windowed adjacent rooms which feature good daylight, or can work closer on an unobtrusive part of the studio floor. It's your choice to work whatever suits you best.


Avail of the comfortable couches and sound system to relax and create a mood conducive to natural on-camera work.


Have you tried?

TV / film camera track + jib (for smooth long exposure blur effects)


Extra gear for your shoot

We recommend DML and Conn's Camera for hire of additional photographic gear such as wind machines, extra strobes, ring flash, SLR, medium format and lenses.




Click here for lighting and grip equipment


Photography specific gear is listed in both lighting equipment - lamps and grip equipment for light control pages.


Soft light control

As deStudio is so large there is great control of soft light scatter and bounce.


Reduce it far below that achievable in studios where light scattering white walls are too close to the subject.

The polystyrene boards are painted black on one side so can be used to cut light scatter and flag off subject areas from light spill. The 3m x 3m black drape can similarly be used to control light spill and is moveable anywhere on the studio floor.


Or go for the very scattered soft light look by positioning the studio 8’ by 4’ polystyrene bounce boards white sides close to the lamps and/or subject. The soft boxes, umbrellas, poly boards and huge 8' by 8' and 12' by 12' butterfly frames give great scope for overhead and side sourced soft light.


This of course allows you much greater control of contrast and variety in shooting styles.



Nikon Digital SLR Kit

Nikon D90, D80 & D70s with extra battery capacity vertical grips, cable release, AC power supply and shooting to laptop available.

D90 "Live View" with Camera Control Pro 2 is excellent for akward camera angles.

Right-angle rotating viewfinder attachment


Nikon ED zoom lens (18-70mm 1:3.5-4.5G)

Nikon DX f2.8 fisheye lens (software correctable to ultra wide angle)

Nikon f1.4 50mm lens

Nikon f1.8 85mm lens

Nikon f2 105mm portrait lens with DC defocus control

Lensbaby 2.0 swing/shift selective focus lens


Canon Digital SLR Kit

Canon 5D MkII with extra battery capacity vertical grips, cable release, AC power supply and shooting to laptop available.

5D "Live View" is excellent for akward camera angles.


Canon zoom lens (28-135mm 1:3.5-5.6)

Canon f1.4 50mm lens


Lee Photo Matte Box with bellows - accepts glass Tiffen filters

Arri MB19 Matte Box - accepts glass Tiffen filters

Click here for camera filters


We have 7 flash strobes on-site and you'll love the Kino-Flo type fluorescents.