Greenscreen shooting is just great. The green part of the shot becomes transparent and is replaced with whatever you like, from an alien landscape to a city at night.

It saves you building a set, or the search for a quiet accessible location. Your decision on which exact background to use can be delayed until post-production. At a more complex level it can help give the illusion of almost anything in your imagination.

Whether it's simple pieces to camera for TV...
...or stills photography shoots which will be heavily Photoshop'd...
…or perhaps a complex motion-tracked CGI film shoot for a commercial...

…deStudio's greenscreen stage is perfect for them all.


Katherine Lynch


Lucozade Driving Shot


The floor and backing fabric can be extended larger than shown in the accompanying images.

The greenscreen stage is more than large enough to shoot a group of people and the fabric can be curved into different shapes from a single sided backdrop to almost complete wraparound. Green painted wooden boxes, planks, green drape and scaffolding can be rigged to make objects with which the on-camera talent can interact with.

There is black drape and large poly boards available to control light spill which improves the quality of the key / matte / mask extracted from the shoot.


We use Oscar-winning "Digital Green" fabric and paint. Specially designed to give the best result possible, the high reflectance of the fabric and paint requires fewer lamps with lower wattage to light the set –making for a more comfortable working environment.

Add to that our specialist greenscreen bulbs designed to illuminate an exact green part of the colour spectrum and you have the best key and greenscreen shoot available in Ireland. Don't take our word for it, that's what our clients say - ask them!


Berroca Ad


Clowns on Greenscreen  

Why green? Green is used as a backdrop more than any other colour because image sensors in cameras are most sensitive to green and therefore green has the least "noise" so can produce the cleanest key / matte / mask.


This also means less light is needed to illuminate a green-screen. Additionally it makes sense to use a colour that is different as possible from your subject's colours.

Bluescreen can clash with blue denim clothes and redscreen clashes with our skin tone. Before digital compositing arrived it was necessary to use bluescreen for movie special effects as the optical compositing process required it.


This shoot on the right was for a RTE2 Ident. A dog requires a lot of wrangling to direct it to the right place. Here toys are used to attract it's attention and green boards are used to corral it into the camera's shot area.


If you need more details or advice for shooting or posting greenscreen material please give us a call and we'd be happy to help.

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The Element Greenscreen  

The Element shot this piece which featured a couple having drinks in an exotic evening location.


This Sunday World Ad required a moving shot around the journalists.


Tracking marks were placed on the greenscreen so the computer could interpret how to move the inserted background when the camera moved around on the dolly track.


Sunday World Greenscreen



This Trócaire Ad shoot had a young child jumping out of the way of a bulldozer (or something big and dangerous) in Africa.


Using the greenscreen meant dangerous shots from Africa could be inserted in the background. Tthe foreground child would jump out of the way onto the "African" soil which was placed in studio over some plastic sheeting (to protect the floor).


This ad for Danone Immunitas had a famous personality describing how the product works in a head and shoulders shot while comuter graphics demonstrated the process in the background.

When a shot is showing less of the person (close-up) -the lighting can be moved closer to help the talent look their best.


Danone Ad