Studio G5 Floorplan



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  Studio G8 Floorplan

deStudio Measurements/Dimensions

The G5 studio covers 42 square meters
(452 sq ft)

11m x 3.75m - main rectangle


The G8 room covers 27 square meters

(290 sq ft)

5.5m x 4.8m - main rectangle



Download our Studio Floorplan PDF to help you plan camera angles, lighting rigs and set construction.


Click here to download Studio G5 Floorplan


Click here to download G8 Room Floorplan


Get free Adobe PDF reader here...



Use Adobe Reader's "layers" view function to switch on/off different layers and focus on the detail you need.



If you want to do a detailed set or lighting design we are more than happy to supply our Microsoft Visio source file from which you can focus on the detail you need and perhaps add your own set design..


G8 Room Sample Set

Sample domestic set

in G8 Room.

This can be dressed as a number of domestic environments like living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms - perfect for commercials or sponsorship stings.


Here the windows are blacked out behind the crew. A camera track into a family watching TV on a couch can be easily set dressed.



G8 Room Sample Set

Sample set using flats

(set walls) in G8 Room.

Using painted or wallpapered flats you can build enhanced reality environments - perfect for commercials or sponsorship stings.


Here a forced perpective set is built with wooden flats. A camera tracks left and right across the scene.