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We'd love to give you a tour, call us to arrange. Almost every client has a bespoke request and we are happy to help.


Services for Producers

Studio hire with crew and equipment or 4 wall (empty)

Casting and Training

Rehearsal space

Production Management

Product wrangling
Set building / painting
Catering for studio shoots

Lighting & grip equipment hire

Services for Business

Web video for your website and YouTube

Media Training

Photography for web and more

Your logo projected onto a building

Viral videos

Commercials - TV and web

Corporate TV production

Consulting on anything to do with moving media


Photo of White Cyc  

White|Black Backgrounds
for Web Videos and Commercials


The classic studio settings of white and black never go out of style. We also have a number of other background/set options in-house - grey, mottled muslin cloths, shimmer curtains and much more.




We are experts on greenscreen shoots and are happy to arrange all that is necessary or provide consultation services if you wish to use your own team.


From complex to simple setups - we make it easy.


Crowd on Greenscreen


Brian O'Driscoll Blue screen  

...and Bluescreen


For those times when you absolutely HAVE to shoot people wearing green clothes. ...The Irish national teams or Brian O'Driscoll (left) for example.


Building of bespoke sets


Your message looks great with the simplicity of the clean (low detail) backgrounds as mentioned above ...and also when we build custom sets for your production - whether it's a spoof 1970s chat show or a modern kids show.


Set Build Photo


Maxwell House Product Shoot  

Product Shoots


We are an ideal sized and located studio for product shoots. Both large in size and close to vendors for sourcing all those last minute things.


Production Management


Production Managed shoot packages so you don't have to be involved in minutiae.



Small TV Studio

Large Photography Studio


A small TV studio is huge for a photography studio and the different media have different expectations.




Casting and Training


We are an ideal sized and located studio for casting and training. Close to the city centre on a number of major bus, road routes and 20 mins walk from both DART and Luas rail stations.