A little about us and deStudio's history as a shoot facility

Many shoots pass through our doors from greenscreen to set builds ...white cyclorama to product shoots ...documentaries to light entertainment ...TV commercials to promos ...drama to corporate.


We started off 3 years ago with just the thought that we would make a handy casting studio. Since then it's been used for much more and our experience has grown and grown.


We're constantly looking for ways to improve our clients' user experience while still keeping prices manageable. On every visit crew from earlier shoots notice more gear and facilities that make the hire of a studio an easier job that requires less administration. We run deStudio part-time as a relationship building service that interests us and is a bit of fun. We love this business and getting to know you.


Most of the well known lighting-camera, sound, makeup crew who work in Ireland have shot in deStudio at this stage and are familiar with the facilities.

If there's is one thing we've learned it's that everyone lights differently!


We've been involved with countless lighting and rigging setups so take advantage of our experience.


We're more than happy to give you advice, show you around and demonstrate how to use gear that may be new to you. We facilitate low prices if you can keep the amount of admin, derigging and cleaning that we need to do to a minimum. We like to trust our clients to leave the studio floor as they found it so everyone can benefit from lower pricing.












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